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Cyberclick's marketing blog offers the latest insights into digital marketing and online advertising, with a focus on numerical data, insider knowledge, and emerging trends.

Tags: YouTube By Enric Llonch, on 29 November 2022

How to Use the YouTube Analytics Tool to Grow Your Channel

If you use YouTube professionally, you need to have an understanding of YouTube analytics. Whether you want to monitor your content or use it as a marketing platform for your brand, it’s important to monitor what’s working and what’s not. Read more

Tags: YouTube By Enric Llonch, on 25 October 2022

YouTube Partner Program: What It Is, Requirements and How It Works

YouTube, with more than 2 billion monthly active users, is one of the biggest video platforms worldwide. For this reason, many brands are designing video marketing strategies on this channel. Read more

Tags: YouTube By Enric Llonch, on 4 October 2022

How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google

Video marketing is a fundamental part of marketing for many brands. It’s a format users love because it conveys a sense of connectedness, explains concepts, and tells stories in a very effective way.Read more

Tags: YouTube By Clàudia Martínez, on 9 December 2021

How to Improve Your YouTube Content (11 Tips)

There are many video marketing practices that can help you improve your brand’s YouTube content. However, it all starts with investing in creating quality content. This should be the north star of your video marketing strategy.Read more

Tags: YouTube By Enric Llonch, on 2 July 2021

YouTube Ads in 2021: Formats and Tips

YouTube is a part of many video marketing strategies because it allows you to both reach a huge number of users around the world and to segment in order to reach a specific audience. This makes investing on YouTube ads very effective. But what format...Read more

Tags: YouTube By Enric Llonch, on 26 April 2021

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

If you want to monetize your YouTube channel and earn revenue from your video inbound marketing content, there are two things you have to accomplish: getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.Read more

Tags: YouTube By Pere Munar, on 12 June 2020

How to Use YouTube Video Builder for Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is a popular marketing technique that should be an essential tactic for brands whose products and services have a visual component, from home décor to makeup and cosmetics.Read more

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