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Cyberclick's marketing blog offers the latest insights into digital marketing and online advertising, with a focus on numerical data, insider knowledge, and emerging trends.

Tags: Google By Pep Canals, on 6 April 2023

Google MUM: What Is It and How Will It Affect Your SEO?

Google MUM is an algorithm endowed with artificial intelligence that can affect SEO, since it's able to precisely understand any type of content. This allows it to give answers that are much more in line with the user's search intent. But what exactl...Read more

Tags: Google By Pere Munar, on 21 July 2022

How to Optimize Your Google Performance Max Campaigns in Google Ads

Google Performance Max campaigns use artificial intelligence to generate conversions across all Google channels, such as Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail, Discover, and Maps. They employ bidding, targeting, creative, and attribution automation technol...Read more

Tags: Google By Marta Canadell, on 19 May 2022

14 Ways to Optimize Your Website with Google Analytics

An attractive, optimized website is indispensable in any SEM strategy. Driving traffic to your website helps you move your users through the conversion funnel and increases sales. Read more

Tags: Google By Pep Canals, on 5 April 2022

How to Improve Your CTR in Google Ads Campaigns

The CTR, or Click Through Rate, is one of the most important metrics in a Google Ads campaign. It indicates if you are attracting new users and increasing your reach with your advertising efforts. Knowing how to optimize it is the key to success, so ...Read more

Tags: Google By Cyberclick Team, on 28 February 2022

Cyberclick Named as a Google Premier Partner

Cyberclick has been named Google's Premier Partner for 2022. This distinction recognizes 3% of marketing agencies in a country that have obtained better results during the previous year managing Google Ads accounts. This is the highest recognition th...Read more

Tags: Google By Pep Canals, on 31 December 2021

Google Ad Formats for Display Advertising

Google Ads, Google's advertising platform, has one of the largest networks available. In fact, most brands that implement search engine marketing strategies leverage Google Ads because of the reach of its display ads. Read more

Tags: Google By Anna Ribas, on 9 December 2021

10 Tips on Writing Ad Copy for Google Ads

Google Ads has changed a lot in the last few years. We now have new formats, product placements, the ability to integrate with ecommerce catalogs, and much more. Despite all these changes, the keys to writing compelling ad copy are still the same as ...Read more

Tags: Google By Diana Palau, on 25 November 2021

Google Merchant Center: How to Create Shopping Campaigns in Google Ads

If you have an online store set up with Google, Google Ads offers many ways for you to reach your customers. Thanks to its Merchant Center tool, Google provides paid and organic advertising options to make sure you show the right products to your cus...Read more

Tags: Google By Pep Canals, on 3 November 2021

What You Need to Know About Google Ads Account Manager

Google Ads Account Manager, previously known as My Client Center (MCC), is a powerful advertising tool that you can use to easily view and manage multiple Google Ads accounts from a single location. Additional benefits include improved reporting feat...Read more

Tags: Google By Anna Ribas, on 30 September 2021

Google Ads Creative Studio: What It Is and 7 Tips to Get Started

In June, Google Ads launched Google Ads Creative Studio, a new tool designed to make advertising easier for clients and agencies. This tool is designed to facilitate the creative process of rich media ads and facilitate collaboration between agencies...Read more

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