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Cyberclick's marketing blog offers the latest insights into digital marketing and online advertising, with a focus on numerical data, insider knowledge, and emerging trends.

Tags: Data Science By Laia Cardona, on 27 April 2023

Data Life Cycle: What Is It and What Are the Phases?

Ever since the emergence of Big Data in the marketing world, the field of data science has undergone significant transformations in how data is collected and analyzed. The process of extracting valuable insights from data to inform strategic decision...Read more

Tags: Data Science By Laia Cardona, on 26 April 2023

Data-Driven Businesses: What Are They and What Are Their Advantages?

The number of companies utilizing data-driven approaches is steadily rising each year, especially when it comes to marketing. Organizations have recognized that leveraging data effectively can significantly enhance their chances of success by enablin...Read more

Tags: Data Science By Pere Munar, on 29 March 2023

Small Data: What It Is and How It Differs from Big Data

Data Science is a vast field that businesses use to analyze the information they gather, understand their customers and their niche, identify patterns, and predict behaviors. One type of data that falls within this domain is Small Data. In this artic...Read more

Tags: Data Science By Pere Munar, on 21 November 2022

Trends in Data and Analytics for 2023

In digital marketing trends, big data and analytics are two of the most innovative sectors of the marketing world today. According to a report by DataToBiz, global big data market revenues will exceed $100 billion by 2027.Read more

Tags: Data Science, Branding By Héctor Borrás, on 13 October 2022

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): What It Is and Its Function

Thanks to data science, we have more information than ever about our potential customers. In this article, we are going to talk about a data collection technique that uses publicly available information to draw conclusions and make better decisions: ...Read more

Tags: Data Science By Pep Canals, on 3 May 2022

Google Topics: What It Is and How It Will Work in Cookie-Free Advertising

Google continues to move towards a cookie-free world while maintaining Google Ads as its main source of revenue. Its first proposal for cookie-free targeted advertising, FLoC, was dropped due to complaints from other industry players. It has since in...Read more

Tags: Data Science By Héctor Borrás, on 22 February 2022

Machine Learning Basics: What You Need to Know

You may not realize it, but machine learning is present in our everyday lives, from the voice recognition capabilities of virtual assistants on our phones and other devices to the shows we watch on Netflix or the videos that are recommended to us on ...Read more

Tags: Data Science By David Tomas, on 14 January 2022

Quantum Computing: What It Is and 7 Ways It Helps Businesses

Data science has already changed our ability to understand marketing, but the best is yet to come!Read more

Tags: Data Science By David Tomas, on 30 December 2021

Customer Data Platforms and Their Advantages in Digital Marketing

Managing customer data is one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing. If you’re looking to effectively manage your customer data, a customer data platform may be the solution for you. This technology consists of a platform designed to solve t...Read more

Tags: Data Science By Héctor Borrás, on 23 December 2021

An Introduction to Deep Learning: How It Helps Your Marketing Strategy

There are many ways to implement a successful marketing strategy, and deep learning is one of them!Read more

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